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Product catalogues

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MIGAL.CO GmbH - your key to perfect welding!

Welcome to MIGAL.CO GmbH

We are the specialists for filler metals from aluminium, copper, stainless steel and nickel.

Additionally we support our costumers with our know-how related to welding, our center of technology and our highly qualified staff. A complete program including suitable accessories and measuring instruments rounds up our program. Our website offers lots of technical informations and useful software. It's yours to explore.

Video - Instructions to integrate the Rolliner NG into a robotic welding cell

Already more than 15.000m of Rolliner NG have been shipped and it is further increasing. In order...


WPS Maker 2

WPS Maker 2 ist not just a further development of WPS Maker. The code is completely new and adapted to the requirements and possibilities of the new operating systems. The integration of the WYSIWYG-principle is further improved and new functions are integrated. Current standards are implemented.  [more]...

Ceramic surface protection KRA-1000

The ceramic surface protection spray KRA-1000 protects surfaces exposed to temperatures up to 1000 ° C.  [more]...

Pneumatic feed assist DLDA1 for extreme wire feeding distances

In railway construction and with mechanised welding systems there is often an extremely long distance from the pay-off pack to the wire feeder. The pneumatic feed assist DLDA-1 can cope with distances as long as 50 m.  [more]...

Our production

In our premises in Landau/Isar we produce welding consumables meeting the very highest undefinedQualitystandards.

Rolliner XL2

Rolliner XL2 can transport wire electrodes up to a wire diameter of 4 mm maintenance free over many years and with low friction. Rolliner XL2 avoids additional wire drives, improves the stability of welding processes and is now completely tool-free.  [more]...

Proper design of wire transport systems

With the application of bulk wire systems (drums, large spools) instead of standard coils (7kg in aluminum, 15kg in steel) the use of conduits is necessary. At the same time the constancy of the wire feed speed is a crucial parameter in arc- or beamwelding.  [more]...

Jumbo-bulk pack

Our Jumbo-bulk pack contains 140 kg of aluminium wire. It has been developed for bulk users in particular with mechanised welding. In connection with the Rolliner it is the perfect solution.  [more]...

Residual analysis - precision in surface coating

Residual analyzer for the quick and easy determination of residuals on the surface of welding wires. A video shows the operation of the analyzer.  [more]...

Dew point calculator

During welding of aluminium porosity caused by hydrogen may occur. This nay be caused by condensation of humidity from the air on the workpiece or the filler wire. In order to reduce this risk we have made our dew point calculator.  [more]...