Milling rings for bevelling and scrubbing are available in diameters of 70, 116 and 125 mm and are used for bevelling, leveling of welds and general scrubbing. Suitable materials are all non-ferrous metals, carbon/fiberglass, plastics and wood.

Each material requires a unique tooth profile. You may use an aluminum milling ring for other materials as well, but with limited performance.

Our standard product range is designed for aluminum and if you need milling rings for other materials please contact us.

Base support

The base support Universal has a bore diameter of 22.23 mm (7/8") and fits to all electrical and pneumatical grinders with or without mounting flange depending on the type. It is supplied with a countersunk screw to fit on pneumatic turbo-grinders.

With a base support M 14 the milling rings may be mounted to many angle grinder with a M 14 thread not requiring an additional mounting flange.

Reference table milling rings

Item number Designation Weight
20,001,0,070 Milling ring 70 mm - Z36/25°-Alu 0,3 kg
20,001,0,116 Milling ring 116 mm - Z55/38°-Alu 0,6 kg
20,001,0,125 Milling ring 125 mm - Z55/38°-Alu 0,8 kg
29,020,0,070 Base support milling ring 70 mm/M 14 0,05 kg
29,020,1,070 Base support milling ring 70 mm/3/8" 0,05 kg
29,020,0,116 Base support milling ring 116-125 mm/M 14 0,1 kg
29,020,1,116 Base support milling ring 116-125 mm/Universal 0,1 kg
29,000,0,002 Retainer nut 116-125 mm 0,05 kg
29,000,0,004 Retainer nut 70 mm, M14 0,02 kg
29,000,0,003 Countersunk bolt M8x35 zinc coated GTG 0,01 kg
29,000,0,001 Reusable transport box 0,05 kg

Milling ring sets

Our sets contain a single sided milling ring with the relevant diameter, the base support (M 14 or Universal), the retainer nut and the reusable transport box.

Reference table milling ring sets

Item number Designation Base support
20,002,0,070 Set milling ring 70 mm - Z36/25°-Alu M14 M 14
20,002,0,116 Set milling ring 116 mm - Z55/38°-Alu M14 M 14
20,002,0,125 Set milling ring 125 mm - Z55/38°-Alu M14 M 14
20,003,0,116 Set milling ring 116 mm - Z55/38°-Alu Universal Universal (22,23 mm)
20,003,0,125 Set milling ring 125 mm - Z55/38°-Alu Universal Universal (22,23 mm)


Our milling rings may be resharpened 5-7 times.

Item number Designation
21,001,0,070 Resharpening milling ring 70 mm/Alu
21,001,0,116 Resharpening milling ring 116 mm/Alu
21,001,0,125 Resharpening milling ring 125 mm/Alu

Our stock

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Milling disc 70 mm - Z36/25°-Alu 20,001,0,0700.35
Milling disc 116 mm - Z55/38°-Alu 20,001,0,1160.66
Milling disc 125 mm - Z55/38°-Alu 20,001,0,1250.88