Drum hoods for round, octagonal and square drums

Drum hoods serve to attach the conduit and protect the drum contents from contamination. The hoods of MIGAL.CO are made of LDPE and fully recyclable. The two opposite slits are covered with a PVC window.


Designation Dimensions Drums
RND-520 Drum hood for round drums with clamping ring 520 mm outside diameter 80 kg Eco-drum for aluminium and 200 kg Eco drum for copper alloys
RND-520S Drum hood with lip for drums with 500-520 mm outside diameter 250 kg Eco-drum for stainless steel
QUA-600 Square drum hood for drums with 600 mm edge length Jumbo-drums
OCT-520 Octagonal drum hood 520mm incircle diameter Various manufacturers with octagonal drums
OCT-590 Octagonal drum hood 590mm incircle diameter Various manufacturers with octagonal drums

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Drum hood RND-520 (round) - For drums using a clamping ring 10,10,2,00011.7100
Drum hood with lip RND-520S 10,10,2,00021.759
Square drum hood QUA-600 10,10,2,00032.748
Octagonal drum hood OCT-520 10,10,2,00042.4122
Octagonal drum hood OCT-590 10,10,2,00062.519
Drum hood RND-750 10,10,2,00083.60