DLDA1 for extreme wire feeding distances

The friction of the wire in the conduit is caused by the fact that the wire rests against the inside of the tube. This grows exponentially with the bending angle and, depending on the coefficient of friction rapidly to a complete blocking of the wire electrode.

The pneumatic feed assist DLDA1 exerts a permanent and continuously adjustable pressure to the wire electrode. The latter is pressed against the outer wall of the conduit, where it causes about the same friction as otherwise against the inner wall. Ideally, the air pressure is adjusted so that the wire at the outlet of the conduit may be pulled or blocked with just two fingers (few Newtons). The wire feeder can then supply any quantity of wire with the least amount of force.

The Euler-Eytelwein formula fails here. However, approximately the double angle can be achieved by using the DLDA1.

The DLDA1 can be either be placed on the drum hood with the connector AER200 or decoiling aid ASH-80, or just snapped in between the conduit (Toughliner, Softliner, Rolliner). The coupling CRNG40 is provided for standard use with the DLDA1.

Technical data

Wire feed speed 0-30 m/min
Feeding force 0-60 N (adjustable by air pressure 0-6 Bar)
Dimensions LxBxH 100x140x160 mm
Weight 5,1 kg
Wire diameter 0,8-1,6 mm
Air consumption ca. 20-30 cbm/h
Recommended pneumatic oil Klueber Airpress 32 or similar

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Pneumatic feed assist DLDA-1 10,50,1,00015.12
Maintenance unit for DLDA-1 10,50,1,00020.923
Disc for DLDA-1 10,50,1,00030.1552
Insulation plate for DLDA-1 10,50,1,00040.1721
In-Outlet guide 1/4" for DLDA-1 10,50,2,00010.0221
In-Outlet guide 1/2" for DLDA-1 10,50,2,00020.0428
Feed roll 0,8/1,0mm Fe 10,50,3,00080.118
Feed roll 1,0/1,2mm Fe 10,50,3,00100.1110
Feed roll 1,2/1,6mm Fe 10,50,3,00120.113
Feed roll 1,6/2,4mm Fe 10,50,3,00160.1110
Feed roll 0,8/1,0mm Al, Cu 10,50,4,00080.1125
Feed roll 1,0/1,2mm Al, Cu 10,50,4,00100.1118
feed roll 1,2/1,6mm Al, Cu 10,50,4,00120.1182
Feed roll 1,6/2,0mm Al, Cu 10,50,4,00160.1110
Feed roll 2,4/3,2mm Al, Cu 10,50,4,00240.110
Feed roll 1,2/1,6mm knurled groove 10,50,6,00120.110