Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 1

There are round, octagonal, square, small, large, light and heavy wire bulk packs. And now there is a single trolley that can deal with all these barrels without unnecessarily taking up space at the same time. UFTW 1 is adjustable to 40mm steps in five levels, has four lockable plastic wheels and a sturdy handle.

The UFTW 1 is constructed so that the drums have the largest possible contact surface precisely where it is needed - in the outer diameter range. The trolley is made from 5mm steel and powder coated.

Technical data

Maximum load: 1.000 kg
LxBxH over all: 850x740x915mm
Product weight: 18,4 kg
Roll diameter: 125 mm
Suitable for drum diameter: 500 - 700 mm

Video instructions

The video shows how the drum trolley is assembled, adjusted and used. 

Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 1 RoboDock

Increasingly, welding wire drums are being used for automated production lines. These are characterised by long operation without interruptions for changing a wire spool. However, it is unpleasant when the wire runs out at some point during operation. The connection of a proximity sensor at the outlet of the drum offers a possibility here, but only alarms at the immediate end and thus often too late.
RoboDock from MIGAL.CO is a pre-warning solution in combination with a drum transport trolley. RoboDock positions the trolley at a predetermined point and contains a height-adjustable proximity sensor. This is pressed against the drum wall under spring pressure. As soon as the wire level in the drum drops below the sensor position, the corresponding signal is sent to a system controller. This informs the system operator that a standstill is to be expected in the near future and that a new drum must be brought to the system as soon as possible. A combination with a sensor at the drum outlet can be very useful. The sensor can detect all materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper alloys and aluminium. 

The guide corresponds to the RoboDock without sensor. This means that the barrel is always positioned in the same place.

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 1 10,10,1,000118.446
RoboDock with wire end control for UFTW 1 10,10,1,000377
Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 1 RoboDock 10,10,1,000518.418
RoboDock guide for UFTW 1 10,10,1,000675
Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 2 10,10,1,000718.40
Universal drum transport trolley UFTW 2 RoboDock 10,10,1,000818.40