Joinventure - the lightweight specialists

Whether you build cars, trucks, ships, bridges, aircraft and machinery. We support your project with the right specialists, for a day or for several months.

Joinventure combines a network of independent consultants and service providers specializing in lightweight design and joining. Shareholders of Joinventure GmbH&CoKG are the INSTAL Engineering GmbH and, MIGAL.CO GmbH both companies also seeing their focus in joining technology and lightweight construction.

The goals of Joinventure are to build a complete network of specialists in the worldwide realization of lightweight construction projects in the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and all industries where weight reduction is increasingly playing a role.

Joinventure - the consultant network

Joinventure is a network of specialists for light weight design focussing on joining technologies. Practice and theory are fully represented - thus even large projects from design and calculation, including sample fabrication until start of mass fabrication can be supported.

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